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Conronavirus Outbreak

Is Coronavirus affecting your business ?

As the Coronavirus continues to spread across the globe, governments, businesses, and individuals are trying to work out what it means for them, how to protect themselves and how they can help.

We’re here to help too, as the media landscape shifts for the time being to be more in-home focused, Five Tier has solutions to reach people that can be tailored for all companies and situations.

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5 Tips to Survive & Thrive

from a company that has survived economic downturns, market crashes, hurricanes, and more.

With social distancing leading to increased in-home streaming and digital consumption, consider shifting budgets to these channels with targeted messaging enabled by today’s latest technology.

1. Content is Still King

During this time, regular ads will not perform as well as ads that speak to the issue. Additionally, ads that aren’t revised to address our new reality may offend prospective customers - turning them off to your brand, losing them entirely, or worse turning people to advocate against you.

Good news though: modifying or shifting messaging is easier than ever. Leverage existing assets with small edits that direct people to your website instead of your store, online ordering instead of in-person, and delivery instead of take-out.

2. The Couch is the New Times Square

We’ve sold ALOT of Times Square placements in our day (for as low as $10 per 15 second play, but that’s for another day.) COVID-19 could put a dent in every business, especially ours, unless you shift your mindset.

With ConnectedTV placements starting at just $1.00 per play, the couch is our new Times Square - and it should be yours too.

Seek placements on ConnectedTV, digital, mobile, and social - especially in major cities affected by COVID-19 where people are being forced to stay in-home. (but, read on, Out of Home hasn’t and isn’t going anywhere.)

3. Prepare for the Rebound

Buy media as if it were futures and lock in low rates now. In traditional times, upfront buying was - and still is - common. Treat this period as if you’re a buyer during annual upfront’s where people buy media for an entire year similar to the way people buy stock futures. Stock up, negotiate added value, and put holds on media placements for up to six months with clauses for non-expiration if this current environment persists.

4. Act Now, Act Fast

As each day passes, the landscape changes, we will get out of this, and the early-adopters to strategic thought and action will reap long term rewards.

COVID-19 and the landscape we are in is an unprecedented event that will transform entire industries and the businesses within them. Even if COVID-19 means the end for some industries, there will still be winners out of every industry coming out of this crisis. Be the leader in yours, act now and fast, before the market opportunity - for reaching people with increased efficiency and effect today or on the rebound - is gone.

5. Take the time to integrate, and accelerate

Most of us have some time on our hands - queue “idle hand” quotes. A quick google finds a list of them - our favorite “Idle hands make fretful” minds. (ok, time to google “fretful”: fearing or expressing distress or irritation.)

Use this time to take a look at your media and marketing programs. Cut the fat, optimize suppliers, connect every dot, put in place a system to track every engagement from initial message exposure to conversion through retention and advocacy.

View this period as an incubation period for your next stage of growth when this mess is behind us. Come out of COVID-19 with a rock solid foundation for scale into the future.

Ways we can help:


  • Reach people on their streaming devices as they are binge watching their favorite content.
  • Target based on search behavior, demographics, psycho-graphics, and other online behavior.
  • Bridge online with traditionally offline experiences to create that “wow” response.

Location Specific, Targeted
Out of Home

  • Remember what we said about out of home, it’s not going anywhere. Reach people via day-parted roadsides only when there is traffic and in public places that are still accessible only when people are there.

Setting up your Connected Media™ Strategy

  • Learn how traditionally offline channels connects to the rest of your ecosystem through one platform: Five Tier Connect. Integrate search, social, digital, mobile, direct mail, ring less voicemail, and more. Come out of this period stronger than you went in. Tomorrow starts today.

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We have similar programs for ConnectedTV Video Ads, online banner advertising, streaming audio, and nearly every other type of media you can think of (including promotional gifting.) Imagine someone sees your billboard, comes to your store, buys more product than anyone else ever has, and two days after purchase they receive a “thank you” gift in the mail? (then they post to Social Media and tell all of their friends…) This is the premise of Five Tier’s Connected MediaTM solution, and we can manage the entire program for you!

No, we are a platform that was born out of an agency (we’re not about the agency life anymore!) We built Five Tier to be a better solution - the best solution - and have spent the last six years building relationships with media owners, data and distribution companies while perfecting the platform and model.

We can provide creative support in a basic capacity to get your program up and running! If you need more in-depth creative support, we can connect you with a partner or point you in the direction of more extensive creative resources.

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