Five Tips for a Successful Fall Season

Fall is upon us which means Back-to-School is behind us and the Holiday’s are on deck.  Here are five tips to make sure you get the most out of this Fall season:

1: The holiday’s start NOW!
Every year the holiday season creeps closer to the summer.  Many organizations begin pre-marketing as early as August or during “Christmas in July.”  Have a plan and even if you are a traditionalist that waits until after Thanksgiving to put out the decorations, be ready to make a move if the competition heats up before the season traditionally begins.

2: Have an A/B (or C/D) Plan for the outcome of the US Presidential Election
Trump or Hillary?  (Johnson or Stein?  Maybe?) The US Presidential Election will affect many things related to our day-to-day: jobs, spending, travel – the list goes on.  Sit down for an afternoon and think about the consequences of the potential election outcome on different areas of your business.  Do your research on how previous outcomes have affected your industry.  Proceed with caution once the outcome of the election is known, but have a plan for what the outcome might mean for your organizations horizon.

3: Keep an Eye on Tech
This one’s a mainstay in recent years, but it goes without saying technology is still in a rapid period of development.  Consider new technologies or technology you may not have used in previous years to boost your Fall efforts.

4: Snapchat is still on the rise
Snapchat may be maturing beyond it’s infancy and toddler years, but latest reports show revenues are growing and with it new opportunities.  Dip your toe in the water this Fall and test out a snapchat campaign.  Need to learn more about the platform?  Contact us for a briefing.

5: Integrate your efforts
Segmentation and fragmentation are words of the past.  Make sure all of your efforts align technologically and from a communication perspective.  There’s still time for Five Tier to help with an effective holiday campaign with little pain.  Engage with a support specialist to learn more.