Emotion Detection in Advertisements, Surveys, and More

For close to a year we have been experimenting with the detection of emotions through cameras placed in television screens.  What started with image capture then turned to video as the technology around us continued to evolve.  Imagine the possibilities, and view the dev page link after you read this post.

– With cameras now everywhere we can identify who is viewing an online banner ad, an offline digital billboard, a mobile ad, a magazine in the queue at a grocery store as well as how long they engaged with it and what their response was to it.  We can then use this information to determine online or offline follow up.  Some people find this creepy.  We think it leads to hyper-personalization.  Earlier this year I discussed this in a post on LinkedIn called “Convenience is the Currency of the Connected Generation.”  If you are served ads that you like, that are relevant to you, and that inform you, why wouldn’t you opt-in and share your information?  This might seem far-fetched today, but think about how people reacted to the concept of sharing things on the internet twenty years ago?  It’s only a matter of time until we wonder how we ever got anything done without this technology.  And it not only exists today but only costs $9 per week or $19 per month – yeehaw!  A friend whom I ran this concept by agreed that if he missed an ad announcing a beer giveaway and instead saw an ad that mistargeted or was otherwise irrelevant to him it would ruin his day.  Trust us on this one.

– Survey sentiment: we can also use this technology to identify and analyze participants’ reactions to questions and the emotions they exhibit during a specific video or marketing message so we don’t have to rely on their answers alone.  With users’ permission, the technology runs behind the scenes and integrates seamlessly into Five Tier’s survey module.

– Combine both features: launch a survey or campaign using the recognition technology to make your communications smarter.  Even without accessing personal information, Five Tier has the ability to capture how audiences react to your messages.  Then use this information to hyper-target, hyper-personalize and automate the customization of your communications in real time on the Five Tier platform.

To see inside the technology follow this link: https://dev5.odemglobal.com/fo_sandbox/videoemotiondetection/

To register for a demo of our solution visit: https://www.fivetier.com/demo