5 Tips to Maximize Your Five Tier Experience with Your Brand

Your band is a very import part of your business. The branding is how your customer identifies your business and who you are. For example, everyone knows the Nike swoosh and the tagline “Just do it”. If a consumer sees just a swoosh they automatically know its part of NIKE. Branding is also important because it separates your competitors from you.

1.) Communication: When you have a business you have to be consistent with everything. That’s why it is important to have brand guidelines. With Five Tier you are able to use the Library to record and share branding guidelines with your organization. This way everyone in your company will have access to the guidelines.

2.) Organization: There are a bunch of different assets that go into a brand, like a logo, presentations, letterhead, etc. Within Five Tier you are able to keep all of your branding assets like your logo on the platform. This gives your company easy access to all your assets that someone may need.

3.) Automation: Monitor your brand automatically with Competitive Monitoring and how it stacks up against your competitors. You always want to know what your competitors are doing, new ideas, and make sure you aren’t getting left behind.

4.) Intelligence: By using our Feedback Management tool, you are able to see who is talking about your industry and keywords special to your brand. If you use a certain hashtag like #fivetier you can see who is talking about you on Twitter and Instagram.

5.) Service: Request a new logo, branding materials, or updates to an asset from the Five Tier Team at support@fivetier.com. With our experienced team, we are able to come in and help with any creatives you may need.