5 Ways to Beat Your Competition

1. Define Yourself: Treating your business like it’s one of a kind is the key to defining your brand. You want your brand to stand out from the crowd so that potential clients will know what you bring to the table. Definition can also bring to the light what you want your future clientele to remember you by; how you wish to be remembered.

2. Advantage: What brings the clientele back to you each time? Is your price lower than the competitors so that the prospective client won’t need to look anywhere else? Or is your service so top notch that the client never wants to leave? Figure out what will be your hook that keeps them coming back for more.

3. “To” & “With”: Better known as a customer database, this helps with being more involved with your customers and being able to know their needs and wants first hand. The “to” is known as the advertising component and the “with” is known as the market research component of this useful formula. You need to reach out to potential customers but you also need to know how they think and how they feel about things as well.

4. Exciting Promo: Everyone loves a good promo! Innovation is key when it comes to business, whether you are just getting started or you have been the game for years. Customers love when business move forward and excite them with change. It gets them hyped up and talking about you. Promotions are a highly innovative way to grow customer excitement and Five Tier could be a place to look if you need help getting started.

5. Forever Customer’s: Business are always trying to gain new customers every hour of every minute of every second of every day, but sometimes they tend to lose sight of the customers that they already have leaving that customer to feel neglected. Customers are hard things to get, but they can be even harder to keep if they are not treated well. You want to make customers that you will have for a long time and not for a little while. Building a long term relationship could lead to a profitable relationship for you.