5 Ways to Grow Your Business with Less Money

1. Measure:  Measuring out what you need  and  how much you plan to spend on advertising, marketing, etc. You need to be aware of how much everything is going to charge down to the cents, before you proceed. The simper the ad or market strategy you use the better. Things like Google Analytics can help you monitor where your traffic online is coming from and its free.

2. Maximizing: Once you have measured everything out, then you can start to maximize your company without having wasted any money in the process. Make small changes in your marketing strategies or change a few words in your ads to see if the appeal decreases or increases. Small changes can lead to a big revenue.

3. Referrals: Everyone knows how well referrals do if you already have a well placed customer fan base. Motivated and satisfied customers will be happy to act as sales reps for you. And it costs nothing to you, other than just asking them to speak on your behalf.

4. Ventures: Specifically joint ventures/unions. Look into your customers and what they like, where they congregate, etc. Use what you are selling and find a way to integrate that into another part of your customer’s lives. Joining with another company for the reason of simply growing could have wonderful results for both parties involved.

5. Think Creatively: And think outside the box. Most company’s major downfall is not risk taking and not being creative with their business. They seem to follow the norm and wonder why they don’t have sales or any loyal customers. Be the company to break from the pack, be frugal about it, but know that your customers want a breath of fresh air if they are going to spending their money elsewhere.