5 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Presence

1. Know Your Goals: Before you start posting anything for your company on social media, you need to be aware of what you aiming for. What type of tone do you want to have? What kind of people do you want to attract? Make sure that you are aware of how each social media platform operates, so that you start off strong.

2. Virtual Interaction: Nowadays on social media, there are so many online accounts that are computer generated and aren’t a real person. These sorts of things can lead to potential followers feeling skeptical about your account. How do you fix it? Maintain your social media often and interact with your audience. Show them who you are and what you do, so that they will feel more comfortable allowing you into their virtual space.

3. Public Sharing: Simply make your account public and share with the world. Share your other social media accounts and intertwine them. The more social media interaction you have the better your chances are that others will share your content with their followers.

4. Hashtags: Even full blown companies are not above using hashtags to get their posts across to their followers. Utilizing hashtags can actually help get your content out there to people you would have never thought of. Use them well and appropriately though, the overuse of hashtags can make you less popular.

5. Reasoning: Give your potential followers a reason to follow you. Post about your company, what you do there, the benefits employees get working there, anything to generate a buzz and make people want to come back to your page often.