5 Ways to Manage Stress

1. Take A Break: Work can take a toll on even the most efficient worker, taking some time to yourself or even taking a power break in between projects can help you decrease your stress and help you refocus so you do your best possible work.

2. Divide The Work: Stress can pile on with every new item you add to your to-do list so, dividing up some of your duties can help minimize your stress level. It will also enhance the sense of community in your company when everyone pitches in to help one another.

3. Automate: Doing all the work manually every single day can overload you with stress. Five Tier can help automate, organize and reduce your stress level by letting technology take some of the workload off your shoulders.

4. Eat & Sleep Right: A good diet and a good night’s rest have been proven to reduce your stress level tremendously. All nighters and bad eating habits can put a strain on your system, so treating these things with the utmost care is highly recommended.

5. Breathe: Sometimes a stressful work day or even just a stressful conversation in the office can leave you with a body full of tension. Taking deep breaths for a few minutes will help restore balance and put your in a good frame of mind.