5 Ways to Spring Clean Your Business

Time Spent: The first step is figuring out where you are spending all your time and your money. How is your business being divided and is being divided evenly? Figure out where your business is hurting financially or whether certain clients are bringing your down rather than lifting you up. Mapping out your workflow can be a good way to get your company back on track.

Retention: Throughout your business, you should always be tracking what is working and what isn’t from a technological perspective, but it is always good to get client feedback and understand how your customers view you. Getting the customer perspective on things can help your business grow and keep customers in the long run.

Throw Away: A good business keeps a tidy office. And normally people cannot do good business with too much on their plates and how they spread themselves too thin trying to do everything at once. Go through all your papers, files, emails, etc and figure out what is necessary and what can be thrown out, freeing up your workspace and probably your headspace.

Employees: Your employees are one of your biggest assets when it comes to doing good business. Most of the time certain employees will be the first people your customers speak to or see, so you want to be able to get their input on how they view the company and how they think it can be improved.

Competitors: Simply take a look at your competitors and how you are doing against them; if changes need to be made, then it is time to go back to tip #1 Time Spent and start from there.