5 Ways to Improve Your Emails


The copy of is the meat of your email; it’s important. Making sure your copy has the right cadence and message is crucial. Most people who open will only read the first few lines, so the intro must shine! Try to convey your company’s tone, the offer you have in a clear and concise way in your introduction.


A good template can also be key. It should organize the information in such a way that the most important parts are highlighted, while still being easy to read and aesthetically pleasing. Even if it’s a pure text email, paragraph structure is your template; do it right!


As with everything else in life timing is key! Certain days of the week are better to send than others, certain times of day will garner a higher open rate. While there are industry standards on this, be sure to monitor your specific target group to see their habits and adjust as needed.


As with any marketing campaign you should be testing, and adjusting based on feedback and data. Try multiple emails with varying copy or CTA’s. Send each to a sample group, see which one performs better and identify the reasons why. Your marketing efforts should never be static, they should constantly be changing and evolving to better meet the consumer’s needs at that point in time.

Five Tier

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