The Case for KPMs, not CPMs

Executive Summary

  • Known Impressions per Thousand (KPMs) will be the newest awareness metric
  • KPMs leads to engagement, action, and conversion
  • By using KPMs you will immediately improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and return on investment
  • KPMs are the cornerstone of a successful, forward thinking communications plan
  • Gary Vaynerchuk is as charismatic in person as he is on video

Gary Vaynerchuk speaks frequently about how outdated Nielsen metrics are.  To paraphrase, “in the 1980’s some guy stood on a rooftop with a clicker counting the cars that went down 23rd street and that became the metric by which we measure advertising impressions for outdoor media in 2017.”

I had the chance to meet Gary – personally, in his office, with four or five of his closest cronies in tow – in 2015.  He was great.  He is great.  His family is great – his brother AJ and I had about 10x the correspondence in the weeks preceding and post-dating that meeting.  Gary was excited about what we were doing at that time with a previous iteration of what eventually became Five Tier.  He stood up and made it a point to say “I never stand up in meetings! That’s how you can tell I’m really excited!” But then Gary went about his business, flying to what I’m assuming was the Hampton’s in his private helicopter, and I stayed the course with Five Tier.

Metrics have driven marketing for the past few decades and metrics drove Gary’s business.  He created metrics to validate social media as earned media and – from what I could and can tell – sells businesses around this model.  But I’m sorry to say Gary, like those who still count on 1980’s Nielsen data, still got it wrong.

Yes – a like, follow, comment, or chatter back on social media is better than a random car with an unknown occupant driving down 23rd street – but it’s not far better. Known impressions are the future metric that is here to stay that trickles down to every other channel.

By using highly intelligent advanced technology, we as today’s marketers can identify who is in proximity to a screen and then change the message on that screen to cater to that individual or – in the case of a highly populated area – percentage of audience share.  Using mobile devices, low energy bluetooth devices like beacons, and digital out of home ad trafficking we can now put a value on an advertisement not only based on CPM “estimates” but by known impressions.  It’s all possible, and it’s all possible today.

Taking this a step farther, we can then track activity – a page visit, an opt-in, a text message, a social view: you name it.  Beyond activity, with point of sale integration, we can track conversion.  Using the same technology we use to display a known impression ad, we can tailor point of sale communications to display best offer for upsell or future purchase.  Tapping into loyalty applications like LevelUp which integrates with point of sale solutions such as Square and Toast, we can instantly reward loyalists without the need for interaction or complex redemption processes.

The Known Impression is a building block metric for any efficient, effective, and successful contemporary marketing program – a metric upon which future metrics are built and one which instantly delivers return on investment.

To learn more about Known Impression marketing and KPM analysis, please contact us to setup a time to speak.