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5 Tips to Maximize Your Five Tier Experience with CRM

Having a well organized Customer Relationship Management system (CRM) is key to a successful business. When you have a CRM system like ours you are able to be more organized and more efficient when communicating with your clients.

1.) Client Activity: Keep track of emails sent, opened, calls made, and notes in your client activity. You can also see details, task, lists and more.

2.) Lists: To keep organized create lists to sort your contacts and easily find who you are looking for. This will also help for blast emails, automations and more.

3.) Subscribe Form: Creating a form with chosen fields can directly input a new lead into your CRM from your own website. Just need to paste the code into the footer or header of your website!

4.) Text Message: You can send a quick text message right from the platform by clicking on the phone icon from the list view.

5.) VoIP Caller: By clicking on a phone number from a contact’s detail page you will be able to dial directly from your computer. This call will also be tracked in the Client Activity.

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