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5 Tips to Maximize Your Five Tier Experience with Email

Email is an easy, fast and reliable form of communication and communication is key when you are running your business. With our Five Tier platform, we take emailing to the next level. Find out what our platform does to help improve sales and communication for your business.

1.) Communication: Communication is very important when talking with your customers. With Five Tier you are able to send emails right on the platform from the CRM. This is useful because you have everything in one spot.

2.) Organization: Do you wish you can see if someone is avoiding your emails or really just not getting them? Well with your Chrome Extension you are able to track all your emails to see who read it and who didn’t.

3.) Automation: Are you too busy sometimes and forget to follow-up with an email? With Five Tier you are able to automate your follow-ups with our automation piece.

4.) Intelligence: Looking for new leads? Using our LeadFerret integration you are able to search by name, title, company, and/or location. This tool will help you build your prospecting list quickly!

5.) Service: When using our platform you are able to create your own email templates. However, when you sign up for our enterprise package or use your credits you are able to request new templates from The Five Tier Team.

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