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5 Tips to Maximize Your Five Tier Experience with External Outlets

Our External outlets are great tools for companies to get a better understanding of how and what their customers are thinking. With this information and insight you can make adjustments in real time to optimize your marketing and messaging. Also with some of our external outlets you are able to reach those who you may not be able to reach through your marketing campaigns.

1.) Survey Builder: Find out what your clients are thinking by creating custom surveys in Five Tier’s builder.

2.) Grow Your Database: Using LeadFerret integration search for new leads by name, title, company or location.

3.) Insights: Stay in the know with your favorite channels, companies and more by adding their rss feeds. This will appear on your dashboard and you can stay up to date.

4.) Scanner Extension and Chromebit: ASUS Chromebit to turn an HDMI enabled screen into an intelligent billboard or screen. Ask your account executive today.

5.) Custom iFrames: Use specialized software on a daily basis, there may be a way to add it to our platform. Ask your account executive today.

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