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5 Tips for your Sales Funnel with Five Tier

Communication: Managing your sales funnel with Five Tier allows you to communicate with prospects across several channels. Email, ringless voicemail, direct mail, and text, are a few of the channels of communication available to you.

Organization: You can keep a contacts position in your sales funnel up-to-date with lists. When you add new contacts into the system put them into the first step of you sales funnel and as they click, view, or listen to messages they will move to the next step if you have set up an automation.

Automation: Set up automation Ex. Create a list “Email Sent” then another “Email Opened”. In the automation builder set it so that anytime someone in “Email Sent” opens your email they automatically move to “Email Open”. Also, remember lists with an active automation will always say (automation active) to the right of the list name.

Intelligence: What sort of response, click-through, and bounce rates are your automated campaign getting? Click the statistics button next to any automation to see this data

Service: Need help with any of this or something else? Contact the Five Tier team to use credits for our direct guidance and assistance, or upgrade to a higher subscription to have us on call whenever you need us! Contact to learn about our other subscription levels.

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