FAQ's About Email Campaigns

I have a ton of bounces, is that normal?

This can be normal, not all lead lists are up-to-date, so sometimes you can receive many bounces. Email marketing can sometimes be a numbers game.

I sent out a ton of emails but only a few opened the email, what's wrong?

The expected open rate for an email campaign is from 2%-12%. The colder the leads the closer to 2% this will be. 

Who should we follow up with in a second email blast?

We recommend sending out a follow up to anyone who opened or clicked through the email. These leads are generally "hotter" as the have displayed some interest into what you had to say. Sometimes it is even beneficial to directly follow up with these leads by phone.

Where can I view the campaign metrics?

You can view them by going to https://app.fivetier.com/emailCampaigns.php and clicking the bar graph next to each campaign.