Updated September 9, 2015 at 12:28pm EST


API Credentials for your account can be found under Account->API Access when logged in as an Account Administrator.



Credentials can be used for uploading assets and audience information from 3rd party sources and applications.  Your application should post variables through a query string POST.


Required Inputs

You must send your API credentials via the query string variables appID and appSecret (case sensitive.)


Optional Inputs

Asset Upload API

Information coming soon.


Odem Partner Network / Franchisee Child Account Creation

Information coming soon.


Audience Activity Tracking

Information coming soon.


Custom Audience Data

URL  app.odemglobal.com

API Page /fo_mr.php

Accepted query string variables are as follows:

user (text)     User: user identification for 3rd party application 

ip (text)      IP Address: used to capture the users ip address information

lat (text)      Latitude: used to capture geolocation latitude of a user

lon (text)      Longitude: used to capture geolocation longitude of a user

(text)     Question: used to capture the question data in the case of a poll or survey !IMPORTANT: special characters may cause errors, it is recommended to send a question id or shortened identifier

val (text)     Value: set value in the case of a question or other standard response

other (text)     Other: any additional information that you would like to log

report (int)     Odem Report ID: corresponding Odem report ID if applicable

device (text)     User Device Type: used to identify user device such as desktop, iOS, Android, etc.


Example Usage