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Drag and Drop Reporting – Automated, Intelligent and across Every Channel

Report Builder

Time Required to Complete 5 minutes Complexity Level Medium

What is the ROI (Return on Investment)? It is a constant question for businesses especially when it comes to marketing. When I ran my marketing agency, I was always looking for a better way to answer the question and I knew that technology could provide a better solution.

Today, with Five Tier’s Drag and Drop Report Builder you can quickly and easily answer the question with the added bonuses of generating reports in real time, adding intelligence, and including every channel or step in your business. Here’s how:

  1. Subscribe to a Five Tier free or paid account. With a free account you will have to configure the reports yourself. With a paid account, we will take care of setup for you.
  2. Once logged in, click here to link existing accounts for social media, point of sale, advertising networks, and more. Click here to access our website analytics code or live chat code to your website. While we currently have over 50 integration points, if there is a special data set you need access to please contact us for help.
  3. With your data linked, you are ready to build your first report.  Click here to go directly to the report builder , then click the plus button in the upper right hand corner to get started, then enter the name for your report.
  4. Now, select the data table you would like to access.  Write your report in the main area, and drag over data as you need.  Highlight a word and click “Synonym” to edit words so that each report is unique.  Highlight a piece of data and click “Condition” to set conditional elements.  Click “Date Range” to set the range for the data. Preview and save the report to allow for scheduling.
  5. Download iOS and Android apps to be kept up to date, instantly, through your mobile device.

Need a comparison?  Compare to Automated Insights which requires a demo before setup and a minimum of $1,000 per month – Five Tier access is instant and free for basic usage.  If assistance is needed, pay as you go credits start at just $5 per credit pack (5 credits.)

Please contact us to learn more about this report builder and all of Five Tier’s other great features!

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