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Email Tracking and Every Channel Followup Automation

Email Marketing

Time Required to Complete 3 minutes Complexity Level Low

Want to know when someone opens your email?  Want to trigger follow up communications based on when they open, what they clicked on, and whether or not they responded?  With Five Tier, now you can quickly, easily, and affordably.  Here’s how:

  1. Subscribe to a Five Tier account by clicking here
  2. Click here to access our Google Chrome Extension
    NOTE: users of other browsers can still track email and automate followups by sending emails through Five Tier’s web application
  3. Import contacts to our Customer Relationship Management tool (CRM) by linking a supported account (including Gmail, Office 365, LinkedIn and more!), importing a CSV document, or adding manually
  4. Now, any emails sent from the time you installed the extension will appear under that contact record

Want to automate followups through email, ringless voicemail, social media, direct mail and other channels?  Set an automation flow by clicking here!

Need help or what this setup completed for you?  Subscribe to a concierge level subscription or above and our team will make sure you are setup perfectly for success!


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