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Five Tier’s Interview With Founder of Dumpling House Media Ben Kraim

Posted by Chris Murch on April 29, 2019

Dumpling House Media

Ben Kraim is the Founder and Creative Director of Dumpling House Media, a full service creative agency with a focus on social media marketing, content and commerce. Their expertise in short form, original content intended for social media includes Instagram accounts with a combined follower count of over 15 million users.. After 9 years in the licensed apparel, toys and consumer electronics industry; both in product development and global sales, Ben pivoted to digital media and advertising which led to the creation of Dumpling House and it’s many sub-brands.

Dumpling House Media is looking to build upon their already strong social presence with continued growth in the content field in 2019 including WeedFeed, a cannabis and CBD community that is fighting against certain stigmas that go along with this industry. We sat down with Ben to discuss D.H.M, the CBD community, his own creative community in Brooklyn, NYC and more!

How did Dumpling House Media Start?

I originally started out by creating @commentawards with my friend Sonny and just had fun with it. It grew into a massive account and the creativity flowed into running/founding a group of Instagram handles with a combined audience of millions. Dumpling House Media now includes a variety of online communities from CBD-infused food recipes to celebrity parodies to NBA memes to cartoons and “extremely online” comedy. It’s been amazing connecting with creators to expand beyond traditional influencer reach.

Goals for Dumpling House Media in 2019?

We want to focus on breaking stigmas on certain topics and continue to bring variety to the audiences we cater towards (get it? dumplings? cater?). This can be a deep dive into how to incorporate medicinal marijuana into a daily health routine or following around an octagenarian who’s enjoying life just as much as a 21-year-old. The goal is to create content that’s entertaining, memorable, marketable and accessible across platforms so the Instagram scrollers and TV binge watchers don’t have to be two separate audiences.

What have your experiences been with advertising D.H.M? Also, have you had any run-in’s with marketing a page like WeedFeed where legality might vary?

Luckily, in NYC it is legal to advertise CBD products for consumption, topical etc. So barriers to entry for us right here in the City are nil. Also, in working with High Times, we are able to shoot out messaging via their email blasts and reach a wide audience. We can advertise on 420 friendly websites but traditional social adspends are tough. However, thanks to D.H.M’s wide social base, our other Instagram accounts can help us push any messaging and target specific audiences via our diverse network of accounts. So in a weird way, the barriers to advertising cannabis related products via traditional means, makes our services of creating meaningful ads and pushing them through our extensive network, the only good option for brands.

What are some of your core missions at Dumpling House and WeedFeed?

At Dumpling House, we want to inspire, foster and be a stepping stone for creators and creativity in general. That means, for creatives, we assist them in developing ideas and conceptualize means of growth and monetization which is a big hurdle for artists who are right brain thinkers. Sometimes that means project collaborations, introducing people to one another, developing merchandise for influencers to sell to fans or just kicking back and chatting about future plans. For brands, we help find and tell the stories that they didn’t even realize they had in the first place, and we do it in a unique way that appeals to younger audiences. In being creatives ourselves with experience thriving in corporate environments, we act as a sort of translator between brands and the customers they so badly want to understand and appeal to.

At WeedFeed, we strive to entertain, educate, congregate and destigmatize within the cannabis and CBD community. At the core, we want people who can medicinally benefit from cannabis, not be so scared to do so. We want people who are incarcerated for cannabis related offences to be cleared of their record. And we want people to see how casual and unintimidating it all is so that we can pave the way for a future that is inclusive, holistic and fun.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Follow @DumplingHouseStudios and @WeedFeed on social to learn about the epic events we throw, the limited edition products we launch, the celebrities we collaborate with and to just be a part of our community of artists, creators, entrepreneurs and connoisseurs.