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Five ways to improve sales during slow season

Seasonal or not, everyone has slow points in their business, whether its during the holidays or during the summer for annual vacations. However, that doesn’t mean you should sit around and do nothing. Below are some tips to help your business keep moving forward.

  1. Offer Freebies- Offer freebies for limited-time only products and/or services. Or, offer free samples to introduce wary clients to your offerings, without them having to make a commitment. No one can turn down free products/services.

  2. Offer Sales- Offer discounts on your product/services during slow season. Or, do a two-day sales promotion to catch people’s attention. Sales always drives more business through your doors.

  3. Add Reward Programs- Get rewarded for your purchases by earning points.  Tie the points to a dollar amount and urge your customers to work towards a points goal. More points means more was spent and they have an incentive to come back in the future.

  4. Create Referral Programs- This will help bring you more business even during busy season and helps get your name out by word of mouth. Free advertising is always GREAT!

  5. Regroup- This is a good time to make sure everything is on track and up to date. During the busy seasons you may have missed a good lead or forgot to stay in touch with certain clients as much as you would like. This lull gives you time to make any changes to your website, branding, social channels or any other decisions you may have not had the time to think about.
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