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Five ways to keep your clients happy

Most of us have heard the saying “the client is always right.”  Above and beyond clients being right, is keeping them happy.  A happy client is a happy life – that’s the saying, right?

Here are some easy tips to improve your relationship with your customers.

1.) Call your clients regularly– Communication is key. Ask them how things are going, if they have any questions, or if they need anything.  If they are unsatisfied with things, ask them what you can do better to improve the service.

2.) Value your client’s point-of-view– Listen to their needs and implement their feedback. Let them know you are listening and that you value their opinion.

3.) Be realistic and do not over promise– Better to under promise and over deliver. Set realistic expectations to avoid unhappy customers.

4.) Be clear and transparent– State clearly what you do, how your service works, and what your customer can expect from working with you. You don’t want to be unclear with your offerings and lose clients due to poor communication.

5.) Respond in a timely manner– It’s not uncommon to have an inbox inundated with client questions and requests.  Respond to each question and request confirming that you have received and understand the message so the client isn’t left hanging, and be sure to set expectations for when you will get back to them with answers.

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