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Fill open inventory, increase the value of your rate card.

Are you a publisher or media network with available advertising inventory? Our platform compliments your existing efforts adding value and increasing fill rates.  We help publishers large and small across out of home, mobile, and web maximize revenue without disrupting any existing sales channels.  Think of us as a sales person “in the cloud.” Here is how it works:

  • Schedule a free consultation to learn how we can drive value (revenue) for your screens, application, or website.
  • Share your existing rate card with us and allow us to come up with a price per play model.  Our price per play cost will be higher than your current rate card, earning you more revenue per play.
  • Integrate with our platform via your existing player application or advertising stack, by using our free player, or through our free API connection.
  • If inventory is available, fill your space with our network of advertisers that are looking for placements.

Advertisers are given the ability to buy single placements sold at a premium only when space is available.  Your existing sales efforts remain the same and are even enhanced by advertisers who wish to purchase longer runs at a lower rate.

Current Networks Include

Our clients range from
Startups to the Fortune 500

With experience in every category:

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