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It’s not hard, it’s super easy and instant.  Setup and access your account today by clicking “Create an Account” at the top of this screen, get going with self serve pricing by buying credits to use for media placements and distribution.

Contact us for managed services and placements – starting at $500USD per month – or enterprise accounts – starting at $5,000USD per month.

We are currently national with mass media although we have a few placements in Canada and Puerto Rico. New partnerships are coming online daily and our growth focus is largely driven by client need, so let us know what you need!  

The platform translates into 55+ different languages for all other communication channels.

  • Self serve setup, bottom up pricing.
  • Ease of use, cross platform immersion.
  • Every channel integration.
  • Intelligent automation.
  • Service and support.
  • Direct, primary source access to distribution.
  • Patent pending technology.
  • Constant, bleeding edge innovation.

While the technology has been in use and road tested over the course of a decade, our current platform launched in mid-2015 with network integrations coming online in early-2017.  There has been a bit of a market learning curve as well. If we told you in 2000 that people would be posting their every move online for everyone to see in 2007 you wouldn’t believe it or buy into it.  That’s where we have been with this bleeding edge tech, and the market is finally becoming comfortable with it, allowing us to spread the word.

Traditional and premium out of home across Times Square, highways, in-venues, and on-road. Digital display, search, and social.  Email, direct mail, dialing, and more.  If you need a channel and it has an API, we can connect our pipes.

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