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Rest Area Media

Reach travellers and locals in a captive environment through rest area screens.  Viewership is both passive and active as visitors make quick pit stops, queue up to make purchases, and stay for longer periods of time as they shop and consume products.

Drive to web or immediate purchase while people are in a buying mindset.


Starting at less than  per ad play at a Cost per Thousand Impressions (CPM) of $0.12 USD.
Discounts given for weekly or monthly buys.
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Active Categories

Bars and Restaurants


Food and Beverage

Auto and Insurance



18 Rest Areas in the Northeast.
Additional Locations or Special Events available upon request.

Creative Specs

1920w x 675h
Image or Video
PNG or MP4

Audience Information

Male - Female

16 - 72


Budget Aware


Each car is in use approximately 4 hours per day generating up to 250,000 per car per day.
On car technology allows for direct tracking of passers by.
Individual drivers can be reached via app creative add-on.

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