Upcoming Innovations

At Five Tier we are always working on innovative new features that will add value to the platform for our subscribers. These enhancements must fit into a use case – we don’t add bell’s and whistle’s unless they serve a specific purpose and deliver value that’s exponential to our current offerings.

Check back soon for more information on the innovations going on at Five Tier or signup to receive updates from us when new innovations are added to the queue or rolled out on our platform!


A note on the founding of Five Tier

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening (wherever you may be!), My name is Frank O’Brien and I am the Founder and CEO of Five Tier, Inc. I set out on the path which led to Five Tier while running my own, very successful, global marketing agency.  Three years ago, with sixty employees, countless awards, a winning appearance on a…

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Emotion Detection in Advertisements, Surveys, and More

For close to a year we have been experimenting with the detection of emotions through cameras placed in television screens.  What started with image capture then turned to video as the technology around us continued to evolve.  Imagine the possibilities, and view the dev page link after you read this post. – With cameras now…

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Five Tier is in Private Beta

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