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Intercom like Live Chat by Five Tier

Today we rolled out a pretty exciting update – live “Intercom like” chat.  You be the judge on look and feel, which can be customized by the user to match their site, but functionally here are some of the upgrades:

  • Multi-lingual: as with our regular chat, users can communicate in 50+ languages.  Answer questions and support visitors to your site regardless of what language you or they speak!
  • Chat-bot enabled: use the Five Tier bot to respond to questions.  You can now be accessible 24/7/365 without actually needing to be accessible!
  • Fully integrated with the rest of Five Tier.  Visitors insert directly into our CRM, available at all subscription levels.  Track incoming and outbound chat analytics, and more!
  • Seamless mobile app integration.  Respond from your Five Tier app as you would respond to any other chat, no need for additional downloads.
  • Create and assign operators, just like other live chat apps.  Actually, we have all of the same functionality and feature/functionality updates can be made on request.
  • Easy to setup in just a couple of button clicks and the best part – available as part of our base subscription for $9/week or $19/month!

Register for a demo today to learn more, or subscribe now to get started!


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