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A note on the founding of Five Tier

Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening (wherever you may be!),

My name is Frank O’Brien and I am the Founder and CEO of Five Tier, Inc. I set out on the path which led to Five Tier while running my own, very successful, global marketing agency.  Three years ago, with sixty employees, countless awards, a winning appearance on a national television show and a client roster that any agency would envy – I shut the agency down.  I knew there was a better way to deliver our services, faster, and more affordable.  I knew we had groundbreaking technology that we could package into one platform.  I had lost my passion for the services business, but found it in a new direction that would commoditize the service business using technology.

Five Tier was built to bring big agency marketing experience, traditionally found only through a big Madison Avenue shop, to the masses.  Five Tier was also built to propel the industry, through the use of technology, to new heights.  From the simple “Hey, I need a logo!” request to complex, advanced behavioral targeting – we’ve got it, we’ve done it, and it’s available at a starting subscription price of $9 per week or $19 per month.  Why weekly pricing?  Because we can.

A question we get regularly is “How can you afford to deliver services at that rate?”  To which our response is, “We can’t.”  We have, however, built programmatic creative capabilities that will build things for you as well as the tools someone with a little bit of experience would need to easily do it themselves.  We offer Managed Monthly packages for just a little more, where you can sign up for a monthly credit allotment for work you know you’ll need which we will deliver through our team or through our network of partners – ongoing social media management, weekly review of analytics, graphic design updates, etc.  Our Online Marketing subscription is just $499 per month and includes 500 credits to be used for the creation of social content (a bank of thirty posts is 300 credits), email marketing (one email with managed, monitor distribution to up to 5000 contacts is 100 credits), or community management (25 credits per day for coverage.)  Our Integrated Marketing subscription is just $999 per month and includes 1000 credits to be used for online marketing services or those that are traditionally offline – graphic design (a professional branding package is 250 credits), sales strategy (30 credits for a 30 minute call with one of our experts), or public relations outreach (100 credits for identifying and reaching out to five top influencers.)  Need more credits during a month for a special project or promotional period? Buy à la carte credits for $1 per credit.  As always, we are here to help you identify what subscription or à la carte package will best meet your needs.

Please tell any professional or business owner you know about Five Tier to help us spread the word.  We set out to change the world we work in, and have a platform that is second to none.  The only thing stopping us from breaking down the walls is distribution of our message, and every little bit helps.

On behalf of Five Tier, thank you for the opportunity to show you what we can do.

Frank O’Brien
Founder and CEO of Five Tier, Inc.

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