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Targeted, Premium
Cost-per-Play Media

Micro-BuyTM programs that start at just $500.00.
Mix-and-Match packages to create the perfect program for you!

Out of Home
Streaming Audio

Times Square Billboard Placements

Starting at $25 per play

Choose from several premium locations starting at $25 per 15 second ad play. Perfect for your first taste of Connected MediaTM when posting coverage to Social Media and other marketing channels. Looking for our $10 per play cost or larger packages? Please contact us to learn more.

Other Out of Home Placements

Starting at $1 per play

With placements around the world, we'll help you reach your audience where they are, when they are, at the right time, and with the right message using our highly targeted, data driven technology.

Streaming Apps (Spotify + Pandora)

Contact us to learn more about minimum budgets required to spread your message across today's most popular streaming providers.

Interested in premium Times Square Takeover packages or sponsorships?

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