Five Tier is the first integrated platform with
automated intelligence and on-demand services

Our Five Tiers of technology are Communication, Organization, Automation, Intelligent Big Data, and On-Demand Service Support.
Our solution has been called a “Marketing Agency in a Box” and we have regularly outperformed “the big guys” – Salesforce, Marketo, Hubspot and Slack included.

Native to Every Device and Operating System

Big Businesses, Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs and Agencies rely on Five Tier.

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The first tier of Five Tier is Communication – with your team or with Five Tier’s helper bot. Ask Five Tier “when is my next meeting?” and our helper bot will respond with details. From within any chat you can call on Five Tier to help while you go about your day chatting as you would in other apps. As if that’s not enough, here are more ways we are awesome:

  • Multi-Lingual: Communicate in your language and Five Tier will translate into over fifty others, depending on the language of your contact on the other end.

  • Five Tier Helper Bot: Chat Bot’s are a thing of the past. Helper Bot’s will actually complete work for you and deliver a host of other helpful services.

  • Every Platform: Start a chat on your phone, then move to your desktop. Doing some work on the web? Five Tier is there too. You can also integrate Five Tier into your website or customer queue to communicate better or automate responses to common questions. Five Tier’s Helper Bot helps there too.


The second tier of Five Tier is Organization. We integrate everything you use in your day-to-day in one convenient place. Accessible via the helper bot, the web, or standalone mobile apps. Other cool features:

  • Visual CRM: See where your customers and contacts are in real time. Visual representation of their activity and communications – inbound and outbound.

  • Task and Calendar Management: See everything in one place. Drag and Drop to reschedule – integrates with most third party APIs (Google, Microsoft, etc.)

  • Review Queues: Setup steps for approval or signoff. View a full history of the production process across simple and complex projects.


The third tier of Five Tier is Automation. Automate basic tasks or robust funnels. Five Tier is the only platform that will learn your tendencies then recommend workflow enhancements. As if that wasn’t enough:

  • Every Channel: Not just “automation” but intelligent, functional automation across internal and external channels. Run marketing programs using paid, earned, owned, online and offline channels. The only platform of it’s kind.

  • Broad and Deep Integration: Integrate your website, mobile apps, point-of-sale, and more. If a system has an API, we can tap into it – quickly and easily.

  • Beyond Programmatic: Programmatic is automation 1.0. We are running the ball down the field light years ahead of the industry. Trigger based on behavior, weather, entertainment trends, and other external factors on human behavior in the marketplace.


The fourth tier of Five Tier is Intelligence. From intelligent reporting to advanced intelligent creative, we cover the funnel end-to-end to inform your day, impact your decisions with effective recommendations rooted in big data, and report back on the who/what/when/where/why/and even how using a sophisticated algorithm. What else:

  • On Demand Reporting: Using Natural Language Generation (NLG) we automatically write reports using hundreds of inputs, multiple layers of data, and commonly accepted methodology. Reports come to life with words, graphs, and images like never before – all written on your button click by our robots.

  • Intelligent Creative: We can auto-generate the best communications based on the individual on the other side of the screen, phone, billboard, or paper. Communicate based on their interests at the right time and through the right channel.

  • Real Time Intelligence: In case we haven’t said it enough, our intelligence engine runs in real time. Never waste an impression, never wonder why something worked – we do it for you. Well, the robots do.


The last tier of Five Tier is Service. Five Tier was born out of an award winning marketing agency, a service business, so we know how to take care of you. When needed our team, and our network of partners, is available to advise, produce, or help out where necessary. The final word:

  • Multi-Discipline: Need a print designer? A web developer? A strategist? A PR Professional? Name it. We’ve got you covered.

  • Centuries of Experience: No, really. Technology does the heavy lifting but when you need it we tap into deep rooted partner networks to provide the right, experienced resources to get your job done.

  • Something for Everyone: We don’t staff 1,000’s of employees. We are a service marketplace when you need one that puts you in touch with the right, vetted resources to get the job done. Stop playing “throw it at the wall and see if it sticks.” Leverage our experience and curated database to get the job done right, the first time, should the need arise.


4.25/5.00 Platform Rating

“The reports made it crystal-clear why some excelled and others failed.”

Winner of the Startup Exchange Pitch Competition

Unbeatable, month-to-month, subscription pricing

  • Application Access

  • Use Our Apps

  • Free!
  • Communication Tier Access Only
    (Yes you get to use the chat bot.)

  • Use our native apps on iOS, Android, OSX, Windows, Chrome, and Wordpress. Just search "Five Tier" in the respective App Store.

    Our growing library includes standalone applications for Chat, Task, File, and Calendar Management as well as Targeted Screen Display and Event Photo Submission.

    Should you upgrade to a paid subscription, all information collected or stored to date will integrate in one convenient place.

  •    Platform Access

  • Use Our Platform

  • $19/mo
  • For 1 User
    up to 5,000 contacts

  • Subscribe to Five Tier and gain access to our web and mobile web interface, unleashing the full power of the platform.

    See the full benefit of our native apps with deeply integrated data and a full suite of tools.

  • Managed Automation

  • Let Us Help

  • $99/mo
  • Includes 5 Users
    up to 10,000 contacts

  • Let our team of experts setup your Five Tier account and optimize your settings on a monthly basis.

    Still includes access to all applications plus the web and mobile platform.

  • Managed Intelligence

  • Stay Informed

  • $249/mo
  • Includes 10 Users
    up to 15,000 contacts

  • Above and beyond automation, tap into our expert strategist to fill in the gaps where technology can't.

    We provide weekly insights into how to improve productivity and marketing.

    Five Tier is your advisor for those tough challenges.

    Includes access to apps, web and mobile platform, and Managed Automation.

  • Managed Service

  • An Agency in a Box
  • Starting at


  • Includes 25 Users
    up to 20,000 contacts

  • We use technology, our team of experts, and a network of partners to deliver solutions unlike any other provider.

    Need marketing support but don't want to spend a ton of time and money on a high priced solution? Try us now for Online Marketing, Offline Marketing, Social Media and Influencer Marketing, Public Relations, Ongoing Promotional Assistance, and More.

    We have built brands for startup companies in just a few button clicks - from logo design to web development - and crafted successful, multi-channel campaigns for the world's most successful brands.

    Our unique mix of technology solutions and human touch make us better, faster, and less expensive than anything else you will find.

    Still rooted in technology, includes access to features in our first Four Tiers.

  • Enterprise Access

  • Integrate & Customize

  • Contact
    for Pricing
  • For large teams
    and large databases

  • Do you have more complex technology needs or robust integration? Our Enterprise and Enterprise Plus packages are built on the same award winning platform and affordable model, but tailored to your specific needs.

    White label Five Tier or use our tools as a base to build more technical, industry specific technology.

    Contact us today to see how Five Tier can help improve and speed up your project.

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