• 1 – Five Tier Connect Platform Login
  • 1 – Insta List Builder
  • 2 – Data Enrichment Databases (H1 and C1)
  • 1 – LinkedIn Outreach Tool
  • 1 – Meeting Assistant Event
  • 1 – CRM
  • Optional – Email and Text Message Outreach


First, signup for or login to Five Tier Connect.

Once logged in, navigate to our Insta List Builder and input relevant profiles with audiences you would like to reach. You can see a demonstration video of how to do that here.

Wait 24 hours.

Return to Five Tier Connect and login. Navigate to your CRM area which will be populated with records that have publicly available information associated with them.

Click “show all” to view the full record set.

Click “contact enrichment” to pull additional information to associate with the record such as LinkedIn profile information.

Navigate to the meeting assistant and make sure you have an event setup for people to schedule meetings on your calendar.

Create outbound messaging for email, social, and text messaging campaigns. AI-written ChatGPT messaging creator is COMING SOON.

Navigate to the LinkedIn Outreach Tool. If you haven’t already, link your LinkedIn account to automate outbound messaging, create contact lists, and to use other LinkedIn solutions integrated within Five Tier Connect.

Create an outbound LinkedIn messaging campaign. Make sure you include the link created by your Meeting Assistant so that people can directly schedule time on your calendar.

Go to “Search” within the LinkedIn Outreach Tool. Click “Import CRM Contact” and select the list you created in the Insta List Builder.

Select the contacts you want to automate outreach to or click “Add All to Connector Campaign” and select your campaign.

Your outreach will begin immediately and if a Meeting Assistant event link was included meetings should begin to appear on your calendar.

NOTE: Having a compelling offer in your outreach messaging will increase your percentages of meetings being placed on your calendar automatically. Make sure you check responses frequently within Five Tier Connect or directly on LinkedIn. Messages will sync automatically.

For more information on optional email and text message outreach, please contact our team.

If you are having any issues feel free to contact our support team through Live Chat for help or managed service assistance.

Published On: October 24th, 2023 / Categories: News Flash /

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