For a year prior to meeting with popchips, weird things kept happening. Talent scouts would call us, we would take meetings with “brand consultants” who couldn’t tell us what brands they worked with, and we had people coming by to randomly see our offices. Imagine the creepiness of someone answering the question “Who are you here to see?” with “It’s not about who I am here to see, it’s what I am here to see.” (But hey, it’s New York City, nothing phases us.)

Fast forward to December when we were asked to participate in a TV show called “The Pitch” commissioned by the network AMC where two agencies battled it out in a duel for the ages to win the business of a major brand. Turns out, all of that scouting was to vet us for the show.

Over a ten day period we were under a microscope developing a “viral campaign that people would want to share.” We built a comprehensive, sophisticated campaign that returned in spades by spreading shareability over the course of a year to create the “greatest viral video ever.” We called it “The Year of Pop”, and we’re proud to say we won the account under the microscope of every move being recorded to air on international television.


The Year of Pop received millions of submissions and a high level of visibility. We successfully ended the era where brands were asking for viral content to be developed, since viral content that’s intentionally viral is inherently an oxymoron. During The Year of Pop sales of popchips doubled as the brand continued explosive growth both from a recognition and sales perspective in a highly competitive category.

The best part? The CEO of popchips, Keith Belling, gave us this awesome commercial: youtu.be/m7aBLaCs5dI

Let’s Make Things Happen

Morgan Taylor

Sales Specialist

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