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Connected Media from 5¢ per play,
Connected Marketing from $500 per month,
Micro-Buy technology that is changing the world.

Digital and Physical Marketing. Connected.

Five Tier is the first platform to seamlessly connect the digital and physical world in a way that is both affordable and easy to use. We enable you to:

Buy affordable broadcast media.
Start with a Times Square billboard for as low as $10 per 15 second play!
[+] See our broadcast channels

Connect with those who care.
Use real time data to reach via email, social, mobile, and more!
[+] See our data and distribution channels

Leverage experts, AI, and ML.
Agency-“like” services for those who want white glove service.
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“But wait,
who are you and who have you worked with?”

Nice of you to ask!

We are a platform that has roots back to an award winning company known for helping companies and consumers connect more efficiently. When we realized technology was the future, we shifted our focus towards building an algorithm, a platform, and relationships with like minded companies across media, distribution, and data to do that more efficiently and effectively.

The end result? Five Tier.

Success Stories



For a year prior to meeting with popchips, weird things kept happening. Talent scouts would call us, we would take meetings with “brand consultants” who couldn’t tell us what brands they worked with, and we had people coming by to randomly see our offices. Imagine the creepiness of someone answering the question “Who are you here to see?” with “It’s not about who I am here to see, it’s what I am here to see.” (But hey, it’s New York City, nothing phases us.)

Fast forward to December when we were asked to participate in a TV show called “The Pitch” commissioned by the network AMC where two agencies battled it out in a duel for the ages to win the business of a major brand. Turns out, all of that scouting was to vet us for the show.

Fashion Week Online

Fashion Week Online

We’re proud to call Fashion Week Online – and many other publications, organizations, or centers of influence – a partner in helping to spread the good word about Five Tier.

We first worked with Fashion Week Online for Spring Fashion Week 2019 in the Fall of 2018.  Sound backwards? That’s just how the shows work.  The Spring collections are showcased in the Fall, and the Winter collections are showcased in the Spring.

Either way, Fashion Week Online has been a steady partner with Five Tier to help Fashion Brands gain awareness to grow their brand.  Are you a Fashion Brand looking to grow more quickly?  Register for one of our Times Square Takeover packages with coupon code FWO for special Fashion Industry pricing courtesy of Fashion Week Online!

Jerry’s Vodka

Jerry’s Vodka

Jerry’s Vodka turned to Five Tier to help build out their business.

“We were able to discuss our requirements, have Five Tier develop the framework, and then flip the switch and have a fully functional business within a few days,” Gerard Jansse, co-founder of Jerry’s Vodka reports.

In addition, the company introduced leading-edge e-commerce features. For example, when a salesperson in the field signs a new customer, he or she can generate an order on the spot and print an invoice using a mobile Bluetooth printer.

Girl Scouts of the USA

Girl Scouts of the USA

Girl Scouts of the USA

The Girl Scouts of the United States of America were our title sponsor for National Non-Profit Day and executed their first ever out of home media placement through Five Tier!

In addition to the boards, street teams drove people from Times Square to Girl Scout Central – the Girl Scouts store – just a few blocks away for a free cookie giveaway.

State University of New York

State University of New York

State University of New York

Winter in Plattsburgh, NY is cold, and it’s nearly in Canada. So it is no surprise that it is difficult to get a seventeen or eighteen year old high school student to give the local university a glance and that doing so would take some convincing. However, we did more than just get those students to take a glance.

SUNY Plattsburgh approached us to help them correct a three year decline in applications and, subsequently, accepted offers for admissions. After all, you have to have enough applications in order to have a pool of people accepting offers, right?

Jarlsberg Foods

Jarlsberg Foods

Digital Surgeons approached Five Tier for a fast and affordable Times Square Billboard as one component of a larger, innovative campaign. To drive innovation with this component, Five Tier suggested creating the world’s first “living billboard” that centered around a real life tasting room.

People learned about the tasting room via other screens in the Five Tier network including in-supermarkets, a prime “immediate purchase” channel. They also learned about the tasting room through event listing websites, social media and street teams.

The billboard integrated with a reservation system and directed people to the tasting room via billboard and text message when their table is ready. Guests checked-in via a mobile application that gave them access to more offers when they leave the tasting room.

Four years ago we set out to change our world and we’re well on our way to doing it.

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