5 Tips to Maximize Your Five Tier Experience with Setting up Your Account

In this Edition we will be covering 5 tips to setup your account. These are just a few basic first steps to do when you are first getting started with setting up your account.

1.) Add Team Members: Adding team members allows a collaborative platform. Assign tasks, add reviews, discuss in forums, chat, and much more.

2.) Add Account Links: Fill the platform with your data so it can best serve you. You can track social activity, input your Google Calendar, add pre existing systems, and much more.

3.) Add Review Queues: By adding review queues you will be able to request feedback or approval from your team members on designs, assets, and social posts.

4.) Add Website Analytics: Copy the analytics code into the header or footer of your website and track your website traffic on the platform. Or send the code to your website designer to implement.

5.) Add an Email Signature: Adding your email signature will allow all emails sent from the platform to have your contact information, without you having to enter it every time.