5 Tips to Maximize Your Five Tier Experience with Tasks

Task’s are important because they help keep track of what you need to get done in the coming days. It also tracks how long you spend on that one particular task, which can help prioritize your day.

1.) Tasks: Very easy way to keep your to do list up to date. You can see your tasks on the dashboard, chrome extension, or ask Andrew the bot.

2.) Categories: Organize your tasks by creating different categories maybe by department, project, office, area of focus, etc.

3.) Assign Team Members: Need someone else to work on the task with you, you can easily add people from your organization to the task at hand. Or assign a task to your employees.

4.) Tag Contacts: Is your task regarding a client or customer? You can take that contact in the task so our CRM will keep record of touchpoint, work performed etc for that customer/client.

5.) Export Tasks: Need to keep records of all your tasks or the work that has been performed? You can export the tasks into a spreadsheet for your records.