Why isn’t everybody using Five Tier?

“Why isn’t everybody using Five Tier?”

It is a question we ask ourselves and it is a question we are asked by anyone who see’s the platform.  Well, here is the answer: not enough people know about us and when people hear about what we do, they don’t believe that we can do everything that we do.  But then they see the platform, subscribe to the platform, and start using the platform.  Then they’re hooked.

In the month of March Five Tier saw subscriptions grow into the thousands.  At the end of March we ran our first promotion which lead to revenue growth.  We continue to hear “better than” and “you can do that?”  Here are just a few of the things Five Tier can do:

  • Be your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform, Internal and External Messaging Tool, Task and File Management System
  • Build or manage your website and social media presence
  • Distribute emails, run advertising campaigns, and connect communications channels you have never thought to connect before like direct mail and ringless voicemails
  • Enhance information and access prospect or lead data through our partnerships with IBM, Lead Ferret, Google and Clearbit
  • Automate reporting across every channel from outbound prospecting to sales, due to our integration with multiple Point of Sale (POS) systems

If you can dream it, we can do it.  Try us:

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