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5 Ways to Maintain Your Work-Life Balance

Organization: You will save more time if you know that everything has a place and everything is in order. Making sure everything remains in its place is also a good way to maintain work-life sanity. Being organized can cut down on your stress factor dramatically. Digital organization can be made easy as well with the help of downloadable software allowing you to be organized around the clock.

Delegate: Delegating can be helpful when you are dealing with a stressful, overwhelming life. Think about all the tasks you have to do for the day or even for the week and then think about who else could do those things besides you. You are not alone in this, so handing off the work to someone else is okay and relieves undue stress from your shoulders.

Breaks: No matter the job or situation, remember that you deserve a break now and again. Even if it is only for ten minutes or so, take some time for yourself and let your mind relax.
Don’t Put Off: Procrastinating only adds more work to what you have to do for the day, so if you know you have something to get done that you can finish today then just do it. Putting things off can lead to a pile up of work that will leave no time for yourself or any other fun activities that you have planned.

Say No: Just because someone asks you for a favor doesn’t always mean the answer has to be yes. Learn to say no and take back your freedom. It is okay to tell your coworker or boss that you cannot take on anymore work because you are swamped; you want to be able to do a good job with the work you are given and that may be hard if they add to your stress. Don’t be a yes person all the time.

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