Jarlsberg Tasting Room

The Jarlsberg Tasting Room

Bringing a campaign to life through an immersive experience that connects offline, online, experiential, digital, mobile, social, and sales.

Digital Surgeons approached Five Tier for a fast and affordable Times Square Billboard as one component of a larger, innovative campaign.

To drive innovation with this component, Five Tier suggested creating the world’s first “living billboard” that centered around a real life tasting room.

People learn about the tasting room via other screens in the Five Tier network including in-supermarkets, a prime “immediate purchase” channel.  They also learn about the tasting room through event listing websites, social media, and street teams.

The billboard integrates with a reservation system and directs people to the tasting room via billboard and text message when their table is ready.

Guests check-in to their table via a mobile application that gives them access to more offers when they leave the tasting room.

At the tasting they are given complimentary cheese and wine as they learn more about – and try – Jarlsberg as well as a coupon to use when purchasing Jarlsberg in the future.

After the tasting, photos from the event are spread on social media and back on the billboard, closing the loop.

The Jarlsberg Tasting Room is the most groundbreaking program yet, quickly and affordably providing the best experience that connects offline, online, experiential, digital, mobile, and social to drive product trial and sales.

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