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Why Five Tier?

Team Collaboration

Integrated systems for chat, tasks, and files all in one place. Remove the need for multiple subscriptions or complex integrations.

Sales and Marketing

Find new leads, create marketing material, automate nurturing to turn leads into sales. Five Tier includes everything you need to produce effective marketing.

Build Loyalty

Customer relationship management, feedback monitoring, and integrated promotional triggers. Five Tier's CRM is the most robust, user friendly, easy to setup platform available.

Reporting and Analysis

Know what's working, why it's working and turn insights into action. Using our integrated intelligence, tap into big data to setup informed optimization and customer targeting.

Clients and Partners
This is Five Tier

Five Tier is native to every platform - web, mobile web, native mobile, desktop and browser. The most comprehensive, integrated suite of tools you will find anywhere while maintaining accessibility, ease of use, and affordability.


Chat in Any Language
Chat with your team or Five Tier Support at any time. Actively translate conversations with international teams without ever learning a second language!
Manage Tasks
Manage teams and collaborate on projects and workflows with our robust task management system. Partial to your current task or project management system? We integrate with Asana, Base Camp, and others!
Store Files

Upload, manage, store, and organize all of your files with our File Library! Everything from internal documents to marketing materials are stored here!
Integrate Calendars
Centralize all of your workflows, activities, and marketing efforts into a single customizable calendar. Partial to your current calendar? We integrate with Office 365, Google Calendar, and others!
Survey Opportunity
Survey tools to gain key insights.
Find Customers
Market analysis tools with integrated lead generation.
Build Websites

Easy-to-use drag and drop website builder.
Design Ads
Vast library of dynamic, easily customized ad templates.
Blast Emails

Schedule and manage e-mail blasts right from within Five Tier. Use one of our pre-made templates, or create one of your own!
Monitor Influencers
Track relevant usernames, keywords, and trends to ensure that you’re saying the right things at the right time. Listen to what people are saying about your brand and industry across any social network, blog, or media source.
Schedule Media

Schedule media across every channel. From social to outdoor, with added intelligence and automation.
Automate Reporting
Create automated, intelligent reports "hand written" by our intelligent bots. Whether you are recapping calls or sending out internal memos, use our report builder to never write a mundane report again!
Launch Campaigns

Every channel, strategic campaign for paid, earned, owned, online and offline marketing.
Manage Customers
Seamlessly integrate Customer Relationship Management (CRM.)
Automate Success
Automation tools with dynamic personalized targeting, scoring, and intelligent, cross-channel communication.
Measure Results
Qualitative and quantitative reporting with integrated Return on Investment analysis.
Native Applications
iOS and Android for Mobile, Windows and OSX for Desktop, Chrome Browser Extension and Wordpress Plugin.
Media Distribution
Integrated with third party networks for every channel distribution.
On Demand Service
When needed, we have a full team to assist. Affordable credits system makes service support accessible.
Expert Support
Within one business day of subscribing, our team will be in touch to make sure you are getting the most out of our platform.

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Subscribe now for a free basic account up to five users. Pay per use credits for distribution and services. Recurring subscriptions start at just $5 per month. Contact us for enterprise pricing.

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