Know where media is running and who it is reaching.

Five Tier controls the ecosystem between advertiser and consumer.  Based on our direct-to-publisher relationships, our robust technology which includes an ad server and customer relationship management (CRM) functionality, and consumer network - we connect the dots between advertiser and consumer like never before.

Furthermore, target messages based on dynamic variables such as familiarity, receptiveness, preference, time of day, current weather, news topics, and much more.

Buy media based on performance with our "pay for what works" pricing (Enterprise clients only.)

How it Works

  • Subscribe to Five Tier
  • Purchase credits to use for your media spend (1 credit = $1, volume discounts available)
  • Upload advertisements (ads) or create them with our ad dynamic ad builder
    • Select the properties you want to your ads to be displayed on
    • Set your ad schedule
    • Set targeting parameters
    • Set a bid based on CPM (Cost per Thousand impressions) or CPC (Cost per Click)
  • As ads run see basic and advanced data from views through interactions on to who specifically saw or interacted with an ad provided the consumer has opted-in to share such data through Five Tier or a Five Tier affiliate
  • Setup re-targeting and every channel automation to re-market to qualified, interested consumers
  • Track views through conversion due to our deep integrations including those with popular and legacy Point of Sale (POS) systems

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