ChatBot Commands

Task Management Commands:

What are my tasks today?

What are my tasks?

What are my tasks for the day?

Do I have any tasks today?

What are Courtney's tasks for the day?

What tasks do I have this week?

What are my tasks tomorrow?

What open tasks do I have this week?

Create a task for tomorrow

Show me tasks for tomorrow

Delete [Task name]

Close [task name] (completes task)

Are there any tasks next week?

Add a task for [date]

add a task for [Team Member]

create a task for [Team Member]

assign a task to [Team Member]

Contact Management Commands

Tell me about [name]

What is [name]'s email address?

What is [name]'s phone number?

How old is [name]?

What are my lists?

Image Search

Find me images of "[subject]"

Sales (Not Working)

What were my sales for the month of [month]?

How many sales did I have in/on [month/day]?

Did I have any sales in/on [month/day]?

Were there any new sales today?


What is your name?

Where are you from?

Do you like your job?

How are you today?

Time Commands

What time is it in [city]?

What time will it be in [number] hours?

What time will it be in [city] in [number] hours?

Information Look-up

Where is [name]?
ex. "Where is Grand Central Station?"

Where is the nearest Subway?

What pizza shops are there in [place]?

Can you search Wikipedia for [subject]

what is GOOG trading at?

what is google currently trading at?

Web Traffic (currently not working)

How many visits did we get [day]?
ex. how many visits did we get yesterday?

How much traffic did we get [day]?

How much traffic did we get in [Month]?

Email (needs fixing)

Send an email to [name]

can you send an email to [name]?

email [name]

email [name] with the subject line [subject] and the body [body]