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Five Tier’s Interview with DJ Oscar Olivo

Posted by Chris Murch on April 24, 2019


Oscar Olivo

Oscar Olivo is a 24-year-old artist/DJ from South Florida by way of Venezuela. Currently living in Los Angeles, CA, Olivo is on the rise with his vibey EDM sounds that blend indie and acoustic with latin flavor for some big-time anthematic power. Olivo’s debut album, Chapter 23, is the perfect listen for someone looking for positive sounds mixed with fantastic vocals. Also, check out his latest single “Chase You Down” streaming everywhere now.

Olivo sat down with Five Tier to discuss his musical origins, how he markets his music, his Times Square placement with Five Tier and what 2019 and beyond holds for him.

How’d you get started making music and what has culminated in where you are now?

To take you all the way back. I was born in Venezuela and moved to South Florida at 5. I was always a musical kid and started playing piano at around 6. I got my first mixer at 16 and started rigorously working on my production. As I got better I started putting out tracks with vocalists and did shows with established artists like Wiz Khalifa, Diddy, Rae Sremmurd and many more. I packed my bags and moved to LA when I was 18 and dove into the industry head first. I started doing remixes for some big artists — started working with the right names and ghost producing for big name DJ’s as well as producing original tracks. I’m 24 so I still have a long way to go in the game but i’ve made great progress thus far and trying to push the momentum I have right now.

What is your teams strategy in marketing your music?

PR is really important. You can have blogs posting you constantly, do interviews with established publications, get on bubbling Spotify playlists etc. but it’s truly what you do after that counts. If you don’t do PR on a post or push it via your social media profiles, it means nothing. Small paid Instagram promotions help me a lot in getting my newest releases out or any big press i’ve done. Google ad’s to get me to the top of searches for DJ’s or artists as well as working with the Lead Marketing Director for Google Flutter helps me understand what I need to do to properly market my music.

For example: I put $150 towards the Times Square post I had on Instagram with Five Tier and had an impression count well over 700,000 and counting. That’s on par with some top influencers. I also received over 11,000 likes and 210 comments. It was huge for me to see myself up there but even bigger for social reach. All it took was a little bit of self promotion and money to help the post do big numbers and help my newest song release already become my second-most streamed track on Spotify after only two weeks.

What are some of the biggest difficulties in promoting/marketing your music?

A LOT of scams out there. Make sure you do good research on companies that will reach out and that you find on the internet. All about making good connections and having trustful relationships with those who work with you. Having a good team around you is everything. Also, don’t let rejection get you down. I have submitted tracks (artists: check out before and had it turned down by 90% of curators for blogs or playlists. But if 10% put it on Spotify and it finds the right people, boom, new fans. It truly is all about marketing yourself and reaching out. Send out 100 emails and get a 10% response rate, you are still doing great. People are scared to invest in themselves. If you don’t want to invest in yourself it’s never going to work. All about trial and error too. Everyone can learn something from someone. Also, don’t be afraid to go big. Having a billboard up in Times Square (shoutout Five Tier again) for an independent artist was so cool and really translated to a great R.O.I. for me.

What does the future hold for Oscar Olivo? What is your biggest goal for 2019?

In 2019, i’ll be developing two artists to hopefully create some great tracks. I have an EP coming out this summer that is heavily inspired by spanish sounds. Being that it’s my background I thought it was right to produce this with spanish vocalists and have a latin vibe to it. Tons of new music and positive energy from me.

There truly is so much negativity in the world, I only want to put positive sounds and positive vibes. The energy you put out there is the energy you receive. A lot of today’s music is negative or it’s topics are potentially damaging. Music is changing every four months. Songs with meaning go way further than those that don’t so I want to make sure what I am putting out sticks with people and puts a smile on their face. Reminds them of the good times, you know?

I wrote down this quote the other day that really hit me and is emblematic of what I want to create:

“Every second that we have on this earth is a blessing. Each breath we take is another opportunity to make a difference. The way we choose to spend our time and the lives we touch are what ultimately define us. Our choices reach far beyond our immediate surroundings. Often, they impact our future generations.

Because of this effect the energy we choose to send is of paramount importance. Choose to lead, choose to be better than the past, choose to be the best version of YOU. Choose to be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Hopefully I can have a positive impact around the world with my music and actions!