Instant Placement Times Square Billboard

The fastest, most affordable way
to place ads in Times Square.

Five Tier’s instant placement media network contains premium inventory that includes the most highly sought after media space in the world: Times Square.  Book your Times Square placement today to reach:

  • 300,000+ people per day, who spend an average of
  • 8 minutes looking at advertising, and a median age of
  • 32 years old, with
  • 48% of them holding a college degree

To upload your own creative, please scale to the specs of your desired board:

Place Top – 1584h x 416w
Place Middle – 1376h x 416w
Place Bottom – 1696h x 1344w

Cross Roads
Place Top – 1696h x 640w
Place Bottom – 640h x 1056w

Triple Play
Place Top – 4160h x 544w
Place Left – 560h x 2240w
Place Right – 560h x 2240w


Contact us for access to our other networks across out of home, highways, and venues or visit our Managed Placement page.

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Current Market Price per Minute
$10.18 USD
(1,359 impressions @ $7.49 CPM)
Current as of December 13, 2018 @ 03:56:25 pm Europe/London

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  • There is a $100 USD minimum order required for managed placement support.  Self serve placement available with no minimum through our regular subscriptions.
  • Subscriber must provide creative.  Contact us for creative development costs if creative assets are needed.
  • For removal of Five Tier promotional bumper please select option to add $2 USD each media placement.
  • Visual verification provided for all media placement purchases above $500 USD.
  • All media placement purchases below $5,000 USD must be used within 30 calendar days.
  • Five Tier, Inc. and its partners reserve the right to reject any ad that contains offensive material, violates existing standards, or is in conflict with other placements.

Our Network Includes

The Process

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Automated Optimization

Our platform will analyze the materials you provide to ensure proper placement.

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You will receive reporting on when your ads run and when the program is complete.

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Additional Services

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Strategic Planning

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Included with All Placements

Five Tier is an integrated platform for Marketing, Operations, and Management.  All placements come with access to the following tools:

Customer Relationship Management

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Integrated Calendar

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Survey Builder

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Text Messaging (SMS)

Task Management

Reporting Dashboard

Dialing and Voicemail

Media Scheduler

...and More!

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