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We work with agencies, membership organizations, non-profits, business development representatives and several other types of organizations to drive value and results to the bottom line.

What's in it for you?

Offer our unique Connected Media solutions to clients, prospects, industry associates, family and friends.

Receive discounts on placements and the ability to add even more to your bottom line with additional services.

What exactly am I promoting?

We start with a Times Square or Las Vegas “partner day.” Members of your network, client base, or those you choose to offer the opportunity to are given the chance to place ads on iconic billboards in either of these locations for a slightly discounted rate with paid add on’s offered free of charge.

This opens the door to our Connected Media – TV, Radio, Out of Home, Digital Display, Email, Mobile Text, Direct Mail – network.

From there we work together to identify additional opportunities within your ecosystem to bring local, regional, national, and international programs to the next level.

What's the commitment?

From very little commitment to building a new company or division – it’s up to you!

Partners can very simply activate regular Times Square or Las Vegas iconic billboard programs and stop there – or present additional campaigns of all sizes.

Next Steps

If you have been directed to this page by a member of the Five Tier team it means you have been pre-qualified to be a member of the Five Tier Partner Program. Simply email, text, or call your contact notifying them of your decision to become a member of the program. We’ll take it from there.


  1.  Apply using the form on this page.
  2. Schedule time to discuss your organization and interest.
  3. If becoming a partner is a fit, we will discuss your discount/referral rate and any ongoing needs (if any.)
  4. Once accepted we will schedule your promotional day.  Promotional days are used to generate initial partner marketing material and to give a feel for our most popular initial placements.
  5. As new opportunities present themselves, contact us for assistance in crafting the right package or in selling through programs. Eventually partners gain a strong enough grasp on our Connected Media programs to operate independently.

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Please contact a member of the Five Tier team to inquire about becoming a partner.

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