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Proximity, Ad Personalization and Loyalty Marketing

Time Required to Complete 25 minutes Complexity Level Advanced


Want to accelerate sales with hyper local, personalized communications based on the individual, their preferences, and their purchase history?  Now you can quickly and affordably with Five Tier!  Here’s how:

  1. Subscribe to a free or paid Five Tier account
  2. Download Five Tier’s Scanner Chrome Application 
    NOTE: this is not a browser extension, but a Chrome Application that will run on any ChromeOS device. We recommend the Samsung Chromebook or ASUS Chromebit with a Logitech BlueTooth Keyboard
  3. Setup this device as your display within Five Tier
  4. Assign assets to broadcast to this device – including assets with advanced targeting based on specific viewer, environmental variable (time of day, weather, current news headline, sports score, etc), or familiarity with your company – or use our dynamic ad builder for creative that will customize based on those items in real time
  5. Add our Five Tier tracking kernel to an existing mobile application to obtain User Device ID (UDID) to track user proximity to display device and allow ad personalization, or obtain the UDID through another method or third party app, including Five Tier’s messaging application for iOS and Android
  6. Login to the ChromeOS device with the Five Tier Scanner Chrome Application installed and select the device you setup and assigned assets or advertisements to in steps 3 and 4

Now your ads will display in real time personalized based on who is near the device!  Link your Point of Sale (POS) system to drive loyalty through personalized promotions based on purchase history.  Five Tier instantly integrates with Square, Stripe, Shopify, Quickbooks and more!

BONUS – use emotion detection to further personalize advertisements and confirm engagement!

DOUBLE BONUS – use automation flows to personalize followup communications across every channel including integrating surveys or custom offers based on ad displayed, reaction, and engagement.

(SECRET TIP – this same personalization can be used on a website, in a banner advertisement, through print, video and audio assets and more.  Contact us to learn more!)

Too complex? Subscribe to a Team in a Box level subscription or above and we will set everything up for you, including the purchase of any required equipment.

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