We use Big Data, A.I. and Smart Ads to customize consumer experiences in real-time.

Simply put - we made the world's most cutting edge technologies
play nice together.

Big Data

We’ve integrated hundreds of data points to know as much information as possible about a potential customer before they have ever seen your ads or walked into your store.

This allows you to understand a potential customers habits like never before.

  • Know the credit score of someone walking onto your car dealership
  • Know that a customer in your clothing store spent $4,000 on clothing last year
  • Know that the someone who just walked into your casino in Atlantic City is a high roller in Las Vegas

Artificial Intelligence

What is the point of data if you can’t do anything with it?  Our integrated A.I. makes realtime decisions based on a customers information and behaviors.  This allows you to custom tailor marketing messaging on the fly like never before.

  • Email an offer to someone that test drove a car but didn’t buy, about that particular car

  • Text a coupon for shoes to someone who is lingering in the shoe department but not purchasing

  • Notify your concierge that they should comp the room of the high roller that walked into the casino

Smart Ad Buying

We have integrated with countless media companies to allow you to buy the media channels you want, for the time you want them at the price you want them.  This takes what used to take months of planning into minutes.

  • Display different car deals to people who drive-by a billboard based on their household income
  • Say hi to your clothing store customer by name as they walk by your sign to make sure they stop and look at it
  • Rent every sign on the freeway from New York to New Jersey for one day to let people know about your weekend promotion

Offline to Online Integration That Tracks ROI Like Never Before

Touch-points that used to be only used for Brand Awareness are now efficient and effective conversion machines.

How much ROI does an ad in the mall get you?
Or a billboard on the freeway?
Or a sign at a bus stop?

Five Tier can tell you.

Billboard Cost


Billboard Traffic


Store Visits




Average Purchase


Return on Investment


Seamless platform integration makes real-world behaviors automatically trigger digital responses.

In Great Company

Five Tier technology has been utilized by large and small companies alike:

Five Tier technology has been utilized by large and small companies alike:

"Five Tier's platform is the most revolutionary platform we have seen in the industry. They are built for the future, and a great partner for growth."

Chief Operating Officer - Times Square Media Network

Just a Taste of What We Do

In March of 2018, Five Tier - with it's partners Jarlsberg, Digital Surgeons, and Superior Digital - presented the world's first living billboard directing people to the Jarlsberg Tasting Room at the Oceana Restaurant in Times Square.

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Live Tastings

Buy Media Like You Are Ordering An Uber

We have negotiated and integrated with dozens of Media Networks to bring you more than 250,000 digital screens with just a touch of a button and cheaper than ever before.

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