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“What’s your budget?”

It’s a question I always hated asking.  I am sure most marketing service providers don’t enjoy it either, and I am sure most clients do not look forward to the question being asked.  It’s the elephant in the room.

We used to have a saying at my agency that the common response should be “two chickens!”  The joke went on from there.

One of the core pillars of Five Tier which led to the founding of the company is “bottom up, pay as you go” pricing, enabling the budget question to never really be a question.  If you are a business with limited budget, we can help.  Our software is free to use, access to big data and services is affordable (starting at just $5 per credit pack – who can beat that?!)

If you are a business with a budget, you can rest assured that we are going to put that budget to it’s best use due to our transparent pricing.  Get more bang for your buck, as well as the software, and our expert team to help make even better use of it using our advanced tools.

So, “what’s your budget?” That question doesn’t need to be an awkward topic of conversation anymore.

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